Smart farming from field to table.

We create and distribute new technologies to ensure that farmers and consumers have a better approach to the agri-food world.

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Manage your resources as best you can with smartfarm. 02

Smartfarm is a software cloud of artificial intelligence and vision for precision agriculture, able to detect and record huge amounts of data during all stages of processing and aggregate them into a database, so as to make them accessible to both the farmer and the consumer by ensuring traceability and tracking of each product.

Technologies that change the way

to farm

Smartisland is a young, dynamic and innovative startup that since 2014 operates in the field of precision farming, or precision agriculture, designing and distributing new technologies to improve the approach of consumers and companies to the agri-food sector.

Experience and training are at the basis of the Smartisland project, the cornerstones of a hard path but rich in regional and national awards that have allowed the company to develop a high potential growth

The future of your agriculture is in our systems.

  • It allows automation of the fertigator system and control with solenoid valves. The fertigator is able to give the correct [...]

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  • It allows the automation of about 4 solenoid valves or motors or greenhouses. The system acts as a controller between [...]

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  • The system allows the monitoring of features such as temperature and humidity of air and soil. It can be connected [...]

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  • The system allows the monitoring of soil water status and microclimates. The DAIKI NODE allows the monitoring of the following [...]

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The technology is:

Our own natural talent.

We have designed the best hardware and software to monitor crop data even remotely.

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Constant commitment bears fruit.

We work every day to satisfy all our customers.

And they thank us.

Giovanni Tesio

“I feel great: I can monitor the most relevant data even when I’m not in the field, managing to better manage my work. Despite the bad weather and the frost of recent weeks the plant grows well without problems. The technicians who follow us always have everything under control.”

Mattia di Bennardo

“With sensors I feel good: thanks to the monitoring of the plant, production costs are reduced and productivity is increased.”

Rosario di Gregorio

I was one of the first to buy sensors in my area, many of my colleagues bought them and others are interested in doing so.
They are very useful and excellent, really a good purchase.

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